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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Quinn draws 2 - Good or Bad

All eyes will be on I'm Themightyquinn as he scores up for this years Victorian Cup on Saturday night at Tabcorp park Melton, he has the 2 hole, could this be good or bad for the Quinn?
Drawing a good post in a major race is all ways the first step to success, but in this case it could be the undoing of  I'm Themightyquinn.
What will Gary Hall do ? Go forward and try to cross Smoken Up or just roll out and hold his position and try to get some cover from Mr Feelgood, I'm tipping just that, Gary will not want to get into a speed battle early with Smoken Up, he will want to save him for one last go at then and hopefully out sprint then at the end.
All this will depend on Smoken  Up holding the front end and not being crossed by Mr Feelgood, if  Smoken Up gets crossed by Mr Feelgood , Lance will just pop back out and take control again giving Mr Feelgood the gun run behind the leaders and await the sprint lane. So does this leave Quinn with out cover ? it could do, there will not be to many other drivers willing to go and death seat Smoken Up.
The draw has made this race action packed early, we all know that it Lance puts the handle bars down at the start that there is not too many horse that will be able to cross him, but i believe that Mr Feelgood will be looking for a pocket trip on the back of Smoken Up and the only way for him to do this is to cross him at the start.
This race is shaping up to be one of the best cups we have seen for awhile, with the 3 big guns drawing so well, there will be moves early if Quinn is caught with out cover, but no one will really pressure Smoken Up , they will just come around and try to put their horses into the race.
So where will Quinn be at the bell ? one out two back, but he could be in a bit of a jam. Lets hope he has a clear run and unleashes that sprint, and i believe that Quinn really runs for Gary Hall, I'm not taken nothing away from Jack, he drove him fantastic last week, but some horse just turn it on for certain drivers and I'm Themightyquinn and Hall do turn it on when they pair up.

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  1. Jimmy, I agree the race on paper has the potential to be one of the best we have seen for a long time. However, I do have concerns that I'm The mighty Quinn has drawn too close to Smoken Up and neither he nor Mr. Feelgood can cross. The race then has the potential to turn into a procession with Lance running 29 second quarters and being too tough. I hope I am wrong and its game on from go to whoa, but I just can't see it. We know the only way to run Smoken Up down is to dive bomb him, nothing idles up and runs him down, he is just too tough.
    I would like to see Franco Jamar race tractably and get a nice tag into the race, he can run devastating sectionals but at the moment he is just too fierce.
    I see it as a leader, leaders back scenario. Therefore exacta 1 - 8 for me.