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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Quinny So Smooooooth !

This is why i love harness racing, I'm Themightyquinny, has excited us all so many times but Friday night was just some thing special, the 2012 Inter Dominion will be remembered for many things, firstly it was the first time in history that 3 horses had made the final with maxium points after 3 rounds of heats, Lance Justice tried to get a doctors clearance to drive Smoken Up in the final after the final rounds of heats, and lastly it is the last time we will see the Inter Dominion ran under this format for some time, which is a real shame.  (CLICK TO VIEW)

Come race night the race had it all, Smoken Up charged out of the gate looking for the front end, but it was not there as Mr Feelgood held the front end, John Justice, pushed the issue and the champ Smoken Up went off stride as they hit the bend at high speed, Mr Feelgood also mix gait for a few strides as Smoken Up made slight contact. This mishap ended Smoken Up chances, it has been revealed that Smoken Up made contact with his hind leg and bike.
At this stage it looked like Mr Feelgood was going to have his own way on the front end, but Butt had different ideas and made a first over move with Auckland Reactor to sit there for the last 1200m of the race, Quinny was still second last as Smoken Up tacked on to the field, the 15,000 fans track side was all asking the same question?, when will Hall make a move on the local hero, but Gary Hall had it under control, he was having faith in Quinny's sprint.
At the bell Smoken Up made another move from the rear and Hall tack on to his back, but he quickly went back to his inside as Smoken Up again went rough on the bend, Quinny was in trouble with 700m to go ! Or was he !
At the 1/4 pole Hall released I'm Themightyquinn and he came 5 wide around the final bend with a wing on every foot, but the fight was not quiet over with, Mysta Magical Mach and Lombo Navigator starting to run on after their good trips, but like top horses do Quinny stuck his neck out for Hall and got on top, to win the final by 1.5meters.
There is a champion horse in the states called Put On A Show, and that is what Gary Hall Jr did after he crossed the line. He gave Quinny to the crowd and the fans loved it, it made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, like Glenn Boss did with the Diva , Hall took Quinny along the out side fence so the fans could interact with the champ. With the reins hanging loose on the bike Hall signalled that Quinny is number 1 !

I'm Themightyquinn, has now stamped him self as one of the most exciting pacers of the new century, purchased at 3 for a reported sum of $180k, Quinny has returned $3.3m for his connection from 84 starts for 39 wins and 27 placings.
The other two local horse that fill the minor price, was Mysta Magical Mach and Lombo Navigator, both horses drivers need to be congratulated on a fantastic drive, they both drove their horses to the condition of the race and was reward for it.
Finally this Inter Dominion, has shown that Gary Hall Jr is now in the top 5 drivers in Australia, drives not just on Quinny but other runner have been faultless, i have all ways had a big opinion of Hall Jr,  now I'm sure i have been right !
William Crabb photo (CLICK TO VIEW)

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