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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ladies Down Under

Fellow blogger pacingguy has asked a very good question, into reference to my last post, regarding female drivers in Australia, and why there seams to be more of then in the Australia to in the states, and why trainers are prepared to use then?
Well this is a very good question,  firstly Australia has a depth of talent in the female ranks, the likes of Kerryn Manning, Jodi Quinlan, Ashlee Siejka, Erin Hollaway, Amanda Turnbull, Amy Day, the list goes on and i would be here all day if i was to name then all, but the question is why are there so many, mainly that the opportunity is there for then, to competed at top level. Female drivers has really blossomed over the years in Australia and it mainly started when female stable hands ( grooms ) applied for junior drivers licences and was able to take a concession on the drives they had picked up.
This gave then opportunities to show case their skills and a lot of then proved that they could drive just as good as fellow young male drivers. Trainers that employed young ladies in their stables used then as well to drive their horses and it was not long, that some of then was showing a massive amount of talent in the bike.It didn't take long for trainers to start to sit up and take notice that the girls, not only had good horsemanship, that, horse started performing better with a female drivers, some horse where just running for then, and some female drivers started to to pick up some nice drives on top horses .
This lead to group one success and before long ladies drivers where competing on very major track in Australia. Opportunity was the main reason for this, and we all know that if you give some one an opportunity , it can lead to better things.
Owners also helped push this along, as they would indicate to their trainers that they would like to see a female driver on their horses as the believed they where a lot kinder to the horses they drove.

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